Thursday, March 19

The Power of Service

If someone listens, or stretches out a hand, or whispers a kind word of encouragement, or attempts to understand a lonely person, extraordinary things begin to happen.
-Loretta Girzartis

I have written quite a bit about depression and doing my best to come out of it and lead a productive and happy life. Well,I am happy to report that I have been experiencing a much fuller experience in my day to day activities, and although it started with going to school and taking a great class- the other main component has been being of service. Getting out of myself and helping another person has always been an important part of my 12 step work, but as of late I have really been available to those who reach out to me. I am also reaching out my hand more and more to help those that are struggling with one issue or another. Do you know what has happened? I am much less concerned with myself, my health, my outlook, my fears- how fantastic is that? It has brought me such joy and peace that I just had to blog about it.
Is there someplace in your life where you can be of service? Your neighbor, a friend, volunteering at a shelter or food pantry? I know that people are caught up in the state of the world right now, but giving your time by just listening and offering support can make a world of difference to someone who feels truly alone and frightened. I can't say enough about the power of service- we can't change the economy but we can make a difference in the people's lives around us. What if we all gave more service? Wouldn't that be amazing? We would not only be happier people, but we would be uplifting others as well! Please take some time this week to help someone in need- you will be happy that you did.

Thursday, March 12

Need To Find The Time

Recently I started taking classes at the local community college as a way to not only get my degree finished, but to ease myself back into the world. Having been ill for so long, starting out slow is essential to my progress and I am thrilled that I am learning so many new things on top of it. The class I am taking is on World Religions, with a focus on Eastern Religions. The last few weeks we have been learning about Hinduism, and I have to say that I just love opening my mind to new concepts, as well as sharing these insights and observations with others in my class.
As much as I love going to school,however, I am having a hard time keeping up with my blog. Posting and networking has taken a back seat to reading and studying, but I am hoping to find a way to balance what I have to do each day so that I don't neglect my blog, which is so dear to my heart. I would love any advice that my readers may have about budgeting your time- I seem to be at a loss with this one!