Wednesday, January 21

I Just Love GABA!

I have written posts a couple of times about anxiety and depression and the different supplements I have found to be helpful in dealing with these issues. Well, I finally took my own advice and started to take GABBA again. I bought Solgars 500mg tablets, and I take one or two pills a day on an empty stomach. I have to say that after only a few days I can really feel the difference! This is the week before my period comes (sorry guys!) and it is usually quite distressing- anxiety, tears, depression, anger, rage, trouble sleeping, etc. Not this week my friends- I have felt so much better and calmer that I wanted to share this with my readers. If you are having some of the same issues, please do yourself a favor and look into this wonderful supplement.

Monday, January 12

Alternative Anxiety Treatments

I have been dealing with anxiety for many years- usually it is hormone related and the two weeks before my period are the worst by far. Due to the fact that I am unable to tolerate anxiety meds I have been looking into natural alternatives so that I can be free of the stress of feeling like I am on high alert all of the time. Here is what I have found so far:


Magnesium Taurinate
Valerian Root
Apple Cider Vinegar
L- theanine
Passion Flower


Tai Chi/Martial Arts
Cold showers (need to look into this one further- doesn't make much sense to me)
Abdominal Breathing

I would love it if you could share with me what has worked for you or someone that you know- I am absolutely open to suggestions.

Be well!