Wednesday, January 21

I Just Love GABA!

I have written posts a couple of times about anxiety and depression and the different supplements I have found to be helpful in dealing with these issues. Well, I finally took my own advice and started to take GABBA again. I bought Solgars 500mg tablets, and I take one or two pills a day on an empty stomach. I have to say that after only a few days I can really feel the difference! This is the week before my period comes (sorry guys!) and it is usually quite distressing- anxiety, tears, depression, anger, rage, trouble sleeping, etc. Not this week my friends- I have felt so much better and calmer that I wanted to share this with my readers. If you are having some of the same issues, please do yourself a favor and look into this wonderful supplement.


  1. Great information! I just found your blog and love it. I wish I could take those supplements but I am pregnant right now. I've been suffering with depression and anxiety all my life. You have a great site and I am looking forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Cascia, I am sorry to hear about your anxiety- have you ever tried aromatherapy? That might be a safe alternative while you are pregnant.
    Thanks so much for the great comments, and I am thrilled that you like my blog. I hope you can visit often!
    Be well,

  3. Great you found something that works for your anxiety and depression. I love your website. You have lots of great information here.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Thanks for mentioning this:

    "If any one is struggling with an eating disorder out there, please know that there are programs that can not only help you, but can save your life!"


    Recovery Rocks!

  4. Thanks for following me, I've done the same. Love your blog and I'm going to have to check out GABBA as I do have anxiety issues, actually quite a bit lately.


  5. Thank you for the sharing of the information about the dealing with the the depression. That was of great help to me, because our wish to overcome the anxiety is the healing out of itself. Thus "thank you" is not only the main ingredient of the diet for the healthy living, but just the obligatory part of the smile.

  6. Hi Lunaticg- here is an explanation of what Gaba is exactly:a naturally produced form of the important brain compound gamma-aminobutyric acid. Clinical studies have shown GABA helps to increase the production of alpha brain waves to create a profound sense of physical relaxation while maintaining mental focus. Here is a great link to check out some Gaba supplements

  7. Thanks for the advice, I will check it out! Stay healthy!

  8. Great information, I'm glad ro read this. You are being proactive in your journey to recovery and thriving health, and that is inspiring. For those interested in learning more, please check out for some ways to deal with common health issues that women experience, as well as the benefits of massage and hypnotherapy in relieving anxiety, depression, and PMS symptoms.

    Also, I want to share that I have found that not giving in to my chocolate cravings, limiting dairy intake, as well as eating smaller portions a few days before and during my period, helps relieve my PMS symptoms dramatically!

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