Monday, January 12

Alternative Anxiety Treatments

I have been dealing with anxiety for many years- usually it is hormone related and the two weeks before my period are the worst by far. Due to the fact that I am unable to tolerate anxiety meds I have been looking into natural alternatives so that I can be free of the stress of feeling like I am on high alert all of the time. Here is what I have found so far:


Magnesium Taurinate
Valerian Root
Apple Cider Vinegar
L- theanine
Passion Flower


Tai Chi/Martial Arts
Cold showers (need to look into this one further- doesn't make much sense to me)
Abdominal Breathing

I would love it if you could share with me what has worked for you or someone that you know- I am absolutely open to suggestions.

Be well!


  1. I get a very similar feeling for a period right before my time of the month arrives. When you describe it as being on high alert I can totally relate. The DR called in PMDD and wanted me to be on an antidepressant - Lexapro for about 2 1/2 weeks out of each month. I did try it and it did help some but not enough to make it worth the side effects. I hope you do find a natural way to combat this and if you do please let me know too :)

  2. best way i think to get rid of anxiety
    and stress i had read in this article.
    Exercise helps.

  3. Is true that anxiety had no permanent cure but only we can reduce problems. Please reply.

  4. I always say if you have anxiety or depression this means that there is something behind it, whether it is spiritual, subconscious, or physical it varies but again they are all interconnected. So here's what you need to know, when u feel depressed or down or anxious know that it is normal, it is an emotion adn it means there is some imbalance..

    How i deal with this:
    -Sit in the sun
    -Draw or paint
    -Write a Journal/letter.. then shred it

    Find out more 'therapies' in this discussion forum were many people can talk and share info on seeking wholeness
    + everything else you mentioned in the article :)

  5. M Hari- I am not sure if anxitey is permanent or not- but I feel that if the body is truly balanced and healthy (emotionally and physically) things like anxiety and depression should no longer be an issue.

  6. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself by learning how to manage stress day by day, according to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter:

    * Look for signs. Catch stress early by watching for signs such as headache, gut discomfort, tense muscles and fidgety sleep. If you notice these stress alarm signals, it's time to use stress-management techniques.
    * Exercise. Even a short walk can improve your mood and reduce stress.
    * Eat well. A healthy diet provides your body with the energy to handle daily stress. Making unhealthy food choices and skipping meals can lead to fatigue, greater susceptibility to illness, and a general feeling of poor health.
    * Set limits. Refuse some tasks to keep schedules less hectic. This will help you be more productive and successful with the tasks that you do decide to tackle.
    * Vent. Friends can provide important social support by listening to your frustrations or providing encouragement.
    * Escape. Pleasant distractions such as a good book or movie can help take your mind off your worries.
    * Bliss out. Relax with a hobby, exercise, meditation, prayer, slow breathing or anything else that provides you with a feeling of calm.
    * Still stressed? Get help. Seeking out help isn't a sign of weakness, it's good judgment.

    I hope and pray that this information has helped someone you love today...that might even be you:)

  7. Fibro Viv- thanks for the awesome suggestions- I am sure that they will help many of those who have problems with stress!

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  9. Hi,
    I have fibromyalgia, hepatitis C and a degenerative lumbar.

    I know what doesn't work. Pushing myself, allowing others to make me feel like I am using it as an excuse, and believing that I am not improving because I don't want to, I am giving into it, or because I am not positive enough.

    When I ignore my current physical limits, I end up in the hospital. I think you are correct about acceptance. Fighting it and pushing my body too hard is not the way to go.

    There are so many things that I want to do. I will just have to take it slowly and not judge myself harshly because other people have cured themselves by refusing to acknowledge it.

    What support groups do you use?

    Lauren Kennedy

  10. Lauren: thanks for the great comments! As far as support groups that I attend: I go to a tweleve step program for overeating- I have also thought about going to support groups for my health issues, but I wanted to get out of the "I'm ill" mentality as quickly as possible so I have found support with my therapist, friends, and family.

  11. You mention massage. Have you considered reflexology? It's number one benefit is stress reduction. Besides, it feels great!

    There is a published study in one of the medical journals on its effectiveness for PMS symptoms. Many have reported great benefit in the management of their fybromyalgia, too. You'll find some great testimonials about reflexology for fybromyalgia at and

    If your massage therapist says he/she can do reflexology, be sure to inquire if they have specific advanced training in this modality. It is very different from regular massage. If not search out a reflexologist in your area. There are directories at and which will help you to locate a professional in your area.

  12. Have you tried EFT?
    Also, I hope you don't consume caffeine, which creates anxiety due to increasing levels of stress hormones. That's how caffeine works, it doesn't give you "energy", it makes you stressed and that creates a sense of energy, for awhile.
    take care

  13. Lynn- thanks for the great info- I will certainly check it out!
    Rebecca- wow, I really do drink a lot of caffeine (in the form of green tea usually)- that is certainly something to look at. Much appreciated!

  14. well i also feel anxiety some time mostly......... and i think its something related to chemicals of our mind that become unbalanced during some sort of times.
    wt i really do is:
    take long breathes
    watch greenery around u
    talk to some1 closer
    taking a bath also helps sometime


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