Sunday, April 26

Are You Having A Romance With Life?

I just got back from church a few hours ago and it was a great service with a fantastic talk! Essentially the message was a wake up call to really dance with life and the universe and not hold back out of fear and old ideas. Our reverend asked the question "are you waiting to do what makes your heart beat faster, what makes you feel fully alive?" My response was yes and no. The stronger I get physically and emotionally, the more I reach out and try and do the things that make me happy: sing, be in nature, ride horses, sit in the sun. On the other hand, I also let my fears and my limiting beliefs stop me from even attempting many other things that I know bring me joy.
What is it in your life that you would like more of? Is there something that fills you with joy, makes you smile, and completely carries you away once you are "in it?" I have decided to challenge myself even more and reach for the things that fill me up- no more excuses. Are you ready to do the same?

Sunday, April 5

Toxins In Your Skin Care

I just want to put it out there for those of you who may not be aware: there are many, many toxins in most of our beauty products, cleaning aids, laundry detergents, deodorants, and last but not least, processed foods. One area in particular that I would like to lean more about is skin care- from what I have taken in so far, most of these items contain parabens which are small amounts of toxic chemicals found in almost every beauty product on the market today. They have been shown to effect changes in estrogen levels, linked to breast cancer, and harmful to those with chemical sensitivities. This doesn't really sound like something that I want to be putting on my body and face everyday- what about you?
I have tried several natural alternatives,and so far I have been rather disappointed. Do I have to sacrifice my health in order to look good? I do intend to look into this further because I feel that it's quite important for my health and my return to wellness. I have stopped using deodorant (don't need it actually), I clean my house and wash my clothes in natural detergents, and I eat organically as much as possible. I really feel that the next step on my path to total wellness is to get rid of the chemicals that I use in the name of beauty each day- there must be some great alternatives out there- if you know of any good brands please let me know!