Monday, August 31

One of My Favorite Spiritual Guides

Check out the recent testimonial I wrote about one of my favorite spirit guides/psychics Melissa:

I have been going to Melissa for the past several years and it has always been a wonderful experience. That face that I continue to seek her guidance after all of this time should say volumes about how much her readings help. I've found clarity during some of the most stressful times of my life. When I leave a session with her, I feel uplifted and positive about what is about to happen in my life. She has been RIGHT ON THE MARK about job issues (including the fall of Bear Sterns), health, and relationships. Additionally she has suggested ways for me to grow and become more grounded and happy in my life over all. I cannot recommend her highly enough! If you want clarity, direction and answers, she is the woman to see.

Make sure and check out her web page by clicking on this posts title!

1 comment:

  1. Good to hear you have someone to help with clarity, direction and answers.

    How have you been? How are you doing? You and others like us are always in my prayers and thoughts.

    God Bless