Tuesday, September 9

Choosing to Focus on Wellness Using the Law of Attraction

I have been really diving into the new Jerry and Ester Hicks CD, "Money and the Law of Attraction," and it has helped tremendously in keeping me positive and focused on what I do want in my life. One section of the book talks about illness and why it is so difficult for some to come out of being sick once they have come down with an ailment. The main point that Abraham touches on is our habit of focusing on what we don't want. Talking about being sick, thinking about it, making it part of who we are as a person. The more that we do this, the more we perpetuate the illness- and that is exactly what I have been doing for the last four years. The book also mentioned that in order to become sick in the first place, one has to have denied their joy and the things in life that make them happy for quite sometime. Once again that rings absolutely true for me. The trick here is to keep focused on what I do want. To tell the story of how I want to feel, how I want to live. That can be a strange concept, when that is how you have come to think of yourself- always sick, always wishing for it to go away.
The other side of it is sharing how I feel with others. What do I say when they ask me how I am doing? I have found this to be the biggest challenge of them all, but I can really see how valuable it would be for me to make this part of my everyday life. When a friend asks how I am feeling I can say that I am feeling an improvement or that I am focusing on feeling good today. It is still not totally clear to me how to make this part of my normal routine, but I am willing to keep at it, because on the days when I do tell a better feeling story, and I do focus on what feels good, things work out beautifully in all areas of my life.