Monday, November 10

Finding Balance In A Crazy World

I have always felt that achieving balance is a very important thing for all of us to strive for, especially in these tumultuous times. In addition, if you are struggling to overcome chronic illness, the need to be balanced is even more critical. I have a list of activities that I know bring me peace and serenity, but I have to admit that I get caught up in running around and getting things done, and then I pay for it by feeling sick afterwards. Not a great way to live your life if you ask me. Even if it is simply a way to remind myself, I am going to list some of the things that bring me peace and balance in my life:

Tai Chi
Helping other people- being of service
Talking to someone who I can trust and who has my best interest at heart
Going for a walk
Riding horses
Reading- especially an inspiring book
Going to church
Sitting out in the sun and soaking it in
Putting my feet in the grass
Going to the beach and watching the ocean
Getting a relaxing massage
Doing things I have a passion for
Being out in nature
Learning about new subjects that interest and fascinate me
Being quiet and sitting with a heated pillow to warm and relax my body and mind

Those are some of the top things that I have done to help me find balance- sometimes I desire more energy; most of the time I need to just relax and let life happen. Feel free to share what works for you- I appreciate any suggestions and I will post them on my blog to share with others as well. Now go and do something good for yourself!


  1. Certainly helping someone is need is a balancing factor too (if it's not already listed). Great blog!

  2. I love these tips, life sometimes becomes overwhelming and we get blinded by distractions and fail to be aware of the the condition that our body, mind and soul are in.
    These are great tips to help your mind, body and soul relax and recharge. I also noticed how simple most of these tips are. I'm going to write these down.

    There's one thing I'd like to add to the list that is Mindfulness Meditation.