Sunday, November 16

Natural Treatments for Depression

Over the past few months- in fact it's almost been just about a year- I have been struggling with depression and anxiety. I have tried many medications over the years because I have gone in and out of depression a few times before, and almost all of them made me feel sick, or off in one way or another. Recently, I have been looking into natural ways to deal with my depression, and here is what I have come up with so far:

Omega 3's
L- Tyrosine
St. Johns Wart
Vitamin C

Elimination of allergic foods
Avoid gluten and wheat products
Limit sugar (including fruits)
Cut down on caffeine
Stop using artificial sweeteners
Limit alcohol consumption
Drink enough water

SAD lamp if depression is worse in the fall and winter months
Get some form of exercise everyday
Take in some sun daily
Take up a hobby
Go to a support group or therapy
Ask God and the Universe to help you find solutions
Love and accept yourself

Please share anything that you may have found helpful on this topic - I appreciate whatever input you may wish to provide. I know for myself that life is too short to feel like you have nothing to look forward to, and I am hoping that I can find the best natural solutions so that I can enjoy my life (and pass this knowledge onto to you too!).


  1. Hi there. A year or so ago I interviewed Dr. Harriet Lerner on just this topic ... She has a book out called "The Dance of Fear." Speaking with her gave me a new perspective and lots of options for handling tough emotions.

    Feel to listen into this interview anytime at:


  2. Thanks for these tips. I find sleep a very effective method to deal with depression. If you are anxious, blue, stressed, not acting like yourself, frustrated and cant get anything done right, or just plain depressed, then it is time to sleep. Just go home, close the doors, change your clothes (take a shower if you can), drink some water, and go to sleep early. You will wake up normal again and ready to take on the world. Based on my own experience, lack of sleep induces depression and the feelings of being down, being overwhelmed and not being able to get things done. Maybe your body is just telling you that it's not into what you've been trying to do and that it needs more rest

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Ethan- I completely agree- sleep in an essential part of being healthy. It is also goes a long way in fighting depression. Unfortunatley, many who suffer from Fibro and other chronic illnesses are unable to get a good nights sleep no matter how hard they try. Having said that, if a person is able to attain a full nights sleep, then I highly recommend it!

  4. That's a good point that I overlooked. Personally, the next best thing to sleeping is spending time alone in quietness or meditation. Something as simple as quiet time can go a long ways. I also find "reading" relaxing. For me, any depression usually goes away after I sleep, read, meditate or spend time in quietness, or with nature with the sun, wind and green. Thanks again

  5. Hi- just came across your blog and so relate - I have lupus and fibro - for me, the creative process is a big help with depression. Writing, decoupage, making jewelry, can't feel depressed when the spark is there! Love your blog.

  6. I had come across your site a while ago and kept on meaning to leave you a comment. Depression is a national epidemic. I think the biggest problem is people forget to "really" relax. Having lupus and fibromyalgia along with fatigue I need to find ways to relax for real, but my mind runs like the enegizer bunny. I'm a bit of an over analzer.

  7. Omega 3's, magnesium and vitamin C? Thanks a lot.


    And thanks for your advice about gluten, wheat, sugar, fruits, caffeine and alcohol.