Saturday, October 4

Cardiac Catheterization

Last week I went to see another Cardiologist and it was a great visit, but it turns out that she does not specialize in heart failure like my current doctor does, so needless to say I felt a little bummed out. She did, however, give me a lot of great information:
- She believes that I am currently seeing one of the best doctors there is for Cardiomyopathy
- She agreed with the cardiac catheterization and the biopsy as the right direction for us to go
- I am indeed a unique case, and a visit to a new Rheumatologist is probably a great idea
- That if it comes time for a defibrillator to be implanted, I should compare doctors and hospitals (hers being one of them)
- The chances of my needing a heart transplant are very slim- I am at stage 2-3, and I would have to be at a stage 4 (Whew!)
-If nothing improves in the next couple of years, stem cell therapy is a great option

Even though I felt like it was almost a waste of time to see her (just because she couldn't be my new doc), I did leave the visit feeling much more confident and certain about my current cardiologist and the upcoming tests I have chosen to undergo on the 24th. As scary as the tests seem to me (once I really think about it), I am hopeful that they will shed some light on what is really going on with my heart and my body. Wouldn't it be great if the mystery was finally solved? I have learned, though, that I can't just put all of my eggs in one basket and when it doesn't pan out I feel deflated and depressed once again. I can only do the next indicated action, which is to take care of myself physically and emotionally, show up for the tests at the end of the month, and then go on from there. I also have to remember to keep working on the emotional issues that most likely caused these problems, and I am committed to doing whatever work I can to improve my health- on all levels.

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