Monday, July 14

Part of My Wellness Formula

Here are some of the things I do each day to make sure that I not only get well, but I stay well:
  • walk everyday
  • meditate
  • use toothpaste without fluoride (fluoride is bad for your thyroid)
  • don't eat soy (it produces estrogen in the body- not so good for women)
  • use the stove only- no microwave for me!
  • eat organic as much as possible, no processed foods
  • eat gluten free
  • journal regularly
  • be of service- there is always someone that is worse off than me
  • keep positive- if I get into fear based thinking then all is lost
  • be as authentic as possible- when I'm not it comes back to bite me in the ass
  • stay in the moment
  • mirror work (very important) - look in the mirror and say I love you - often
  • avoid drinking out of soft plastic bottles- use aluminum or hard plastic that won't leach into your water
  • use an air purifier or two in the home (you can buy one for the car too)
  • avoid perfumes and scented candles (irritates allergies)
  • clean with natural cleaners only- I love Shaklee and recommend it highly
  • practice Tai Chi several times a week to aid in my recovery and general health
  • do things that I love on a regular basis: singing, horseback riding, being out in nature, being near the ocean
  • eat six times a day to keep my body fueled
  • stay out of the results
  • remember that there is always a solution to every situation- I just might not be able to see it yet
  • share what is working in my life, not what I would like to change
  • laugh often
  • spend at least 30 min of quiet and alone time each day
  • see a therapist to help me deal with the issues that made me sick in the first place
  • listen to my doctors and my acupuncturist- they know medicine better than I do
  • listen to my body and share my observations with my health team
  • if something is not working- stop doing it!
  • take care of myself first- I can't help others if I am laid out
  • regular sessions of Cranial Sacral Therapy- can't beat it!
  • regular acupuncture treatments- I wouldn't be where I am today without it
  • spend time with supportive friends (your people)
  • watch less TV and read more books
  • limit or do not watch the news- its just trying to scare you anyway
  • read and watch uplifting stories that inspire you to be more
  • let the good in
  • last but not least: I pray and stay connected to my Higher Power as much as possible

I am sure that I will think of more items for this list. I just wanted to start sharing what has worked well for me after three years of being sick and what is helping me to overcome not only my illness but my depression.

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