Thursday, July 10

Is it really Fibro?

I was speaking with a friend of mine today about the fact that we were both diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was interested to hear about her experience, not only because she is dealing with three different chronic conditions, but because I am in the process of writing an amazing book which is a collection of stories from people who have overcome many different types of disease and sickness.
At one point during our conversation, I had to talk about my recently diagnosed heart condition, Cardiomyopathy. I decided to be open and bring up the fact that I am questioning whether or not I ever even had Fibro. For all I know, I have had this heart problem for the last three years, and because no one ever thought to look at my heart, my symptoms could have been confused for Fibro. Either that, or one was the cause of the other. I just can't be sure.
What I do know is that I have wasted years wondering what I had, how I got sick, and what magic pill I could take that would make all of my problems disappear. I have learned that none of this really matters- what matters is that I do the work (inside and out) that will help me to become healthy and strong. I can no longer afford to look outside of myself for the answers. Support, yes. Answers, no. In order for me to get back to total health again, I have to learn the lessons that this illness is here to teach me. There are no short cuts that I have found, except maybe the belief that I will absolutely overcome this someday soon.

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